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Ponder A Little (Blog)


Posted on June 26, 2018 at 6:40 PM

In my last blog, I introduced this topic and I told you more was to come.  So here it is.  We have already established that the goal of a healthy church needs to be spiritual vitality instead of numbers and programs and so on.   Now let’s look at some of the specific characteristics of a healthy church that should be evident.  Experts have agreed on 10 and there could be more.  I will start with the 5 more obvious ones this time and in the next blog, the less obvious ones.

Here they are:

1. A healthy church has members that enjoy coming to worship God and hear from God.  They want to be there each Sunday and hate to miss church.   For them it is not just a social gathering and it is not a sense of duty.  Healthy members love God passionately and sense God’s presence in the Sunday service.

2. A healthy church knows the importance of prayer.  It is very sad when our church services are full of worshipful music, engaging preaching of the Word, yet lack time spent in prayer.  How do we get half way through our service without a word of prayer uttered to God?  We need the power of His presence in our church service and He longs for us to communicate with Him in prayer.

3. A healthy church has leaders that keep God and His Word first in all decision making; and live lives of humility and love.  God has high expectations of church leaders that are clearly stated in Scripture.  Why?  Because how can a church be healthy if the leaders are not?    Leaders should desire to be held accountable and challenged when necessary.  They should also be knowledgeable in the Scriptures and its application.

4. A healthy church does not have financial problems.  Why?   Because money is never the priority.  Instead, seeking God and His will is paramount.   With God as the focus, members will give generously and give cheerfully; and only programs that God wants to bless will be initiated.  God provides for our needs so if He is the focus, finances will not run dry.

5. A healthy church is where members are involved in service.  These members don’t come to church with the motive of “What’s in it for me?”   They come with the humble attitude of service that Jesus displayed.  They come eager to volunteer where help is needed.  By serving we are each blessed.   We also build relationships and lasting friendships by getting involved.  We all have gifts and abilities that are needed in the church.  Look for a church that wants you to be involved and where many others already are.  If church has only been a place of Sunday attendance for you, ask God how He wants you to serve.  A healthy church has leaders ready to find a place for you to use your special talents.

Well there are the first 5 characteristics.  Straight forward enough.  The last 5 will be in the next blog and they are just as important but not so easy.   Stay tuned!

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