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Posted on July 3, 2018 at 11:00 AM

So, we covered the first 5 characteristics in the last blog and the intro to this topic in the blog before that.  Scroll back and find those blogs if you missed them.  Here are the final 5 characteristics of a healthy church according to today’s experts.

1. A healthy church preaches salvation from sin.  Fire and brimstone does not need to be heard from the pulpit every week but certainly preaching the wrath of God over our sin should not be avoided.  Sometimes we need to squirm in our seats, feeling convicted by the Holy Spirit.  The entire Scriptures need to be preached, not just the parts that make us feel good.  We will love the grace of God all the more, when we see the depth of our sin and how much our sin hurts our Heavenly Father.

2. A healthy church is not poisoned by gossip and division.  Gossip can divide and severely harm a church very quickly.  Healthy members don’t allow gossip to exist in the church.  It is dealt with swiftly and biblically to protect the health of the church.  Unity is crucial in the body of Christ and gossip leads to division.  Instead of talking about people we need to talk to them, and resolve the differences and miscommunication.

3. A healthy church deals with conflict biblically.  Conflict is inevitable in the world and in the church.  We are all human so the church like anywhere else, will have people getting offended, sinning and having disagreements.  Sometimes sinful actions require loving discipline as outlined in Scripture. If these conflicts are not dealt with biblically they become deep rooted and infect the church.

4. A healthy church recognizes that, sometimes, spiritually unhealthy individuals cannot stay.  This is a sad and very difficult situation.  But if unhealthy people persist in their spiritually unhealthy choices they will infect the church, causing overall poor church health to multiply.  The unhealthy individuals must want to become healthy.  Unfortunately, they sometimes become blind to their poor health and refuse any correction or discipline. Once again, the Bible gives us clear actions to take at this point, which involves the individuals being asked to leave the church.

5. A healthy church has fellowship.  Church should never end with the closing prayer.  Healthy members stay after church to fellowship.  If we don’t talk to each other and learn of each other’s needs and activities, how can we pray for each other and deepen our relationships in the family of God? Fellowship outside of church in small groups is also needed so that we can bear each other’s burdens and pray for each other.

There you have it.  The 10 primary characteristics of a healthy church according to the experts.  How does your church measure up?   And more importantly, how do you?

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