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Posted on August 16, 2018 at 4:15 PM

Why are tithing and Christian service hot and sensitive subjects for some people?   Was it in the early church?   Not that I can see.  People gave generously to make sure needs were always met.  Today, it seems people want to hoard most of their extra time and money for themselves.  I hear some Christians getting offended by any preaching on giving, yet the preaching is straight from the Bible.


Stewardship often reveals our beliefs about God and ourselves!  If we are generous in giving of our time, our works and our money, then we likely have a good understanding of who we are, compared to the Almighty God; and a good recognition that everything ultimately comes from Him.


If we are hoarding our time, our works and our money for our own good pleasure then we are ultimately saying that we are self-sufficient, we don’t need God and we don’t owe God anything.  Giving of our time, our works and our money is a demonstration of our love for God, our humility before God and our acknowledgement that all that we are and have is only because of Him.

God multiplies whatever we give Him.  Whether it be our time, our money or our energy.  We won’t run out. (Mal 3:10, Luke 18:29-30).

Remember - You can never out-give God!


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