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Posted on September 27, 2018 at 1:20 PM

Christian author, Gary Chapman, writes the following in his book, “The Love as a Way of Life”:

In the later centuries of the Roman Empire – and the early centuries of the Christian era – the once-proud empire suffered a series of                     setbacks.  Wars, waves of invasion by Germanic tribes, and devastating epidemics led to a fractured, failing society.   

In the face of terrible conditions, political elites and their non-Christian priests fled the cities. T he only functioning social network left was the church, which provided basic nursing care to Christians and non-Christians alike, along with hope that transcended death.   Even pagans acknowledged that early Christians were as kind to their neighbors as they would be to family.  What made the church so powerful during that time was not artful persuasion but serving others with love….

As history shows, entire cultures can change as a result of the Christian community practicing the love of Christ.

Ponder how you can influence your community by practicing the love of Christ through random acts of kindness.  Then begin!


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