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Posted on October 31, 2018 at 11:05 AM

God doesn’t call the brave. He makes brave the called!

God doesn’t need your abilities. He needs your availability!

Time and time again the Scriptures speak of ordinary people that God made great!  Men like unheard of Gideon, shepherd boy David, mistreated Joseph, fishermen from Galilee and an orphan named Esther.

God made leaders out of stuttering Moses, denying Peter, adulterer David, youthful Jeremiah and persecuting Saul.

Even a woman named Deborah, a prophetess, God equipped to lead the Israelites in battle, while the leader of the army, Barak, would only go to war if she went with him.

God repeatedly teaches us in the Bible that it is not about who we are - but about who He is!

God says He will never leave us and with His power we can do great things.  We all face fears.  But do we live daily with the full realization of God’s promise to always be with us?  Do we ever need to be afraid if we fully believe in His presence and amazing power in our lives?

When you hear God’s calling, you will experience fear.  Be ready for it and respond to it with courage grounded in the assurance of God’s promise to be with you and the realization that God is always bigger than our fears!

Ask God what He is calling you to do because God has placed a calling on each of our lives.  Most of us choose the easy path.  We stay in our comfort zone and fail to live out God’s calling.  And then we miss out on God’s perfect plan for us.   But it’s never too late!

Step out in faith and obedience to God’s voice!

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