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Posted on December 12, 2018 at 8:40 AM

For many, Christmas is a much-anticipated season of celebration and festivities.  But for some it is a dreaded season of loneliness and despair.

Suicide rates are highest over the Christmas season.   Why?   Because many are alone for Christmas.   Or are missing the loved one that died recently.   Or are struggling financially and are unable to afford the typical Christmas traditions.

We sing Christmas carols about good cheer and good will towards all men.   Those words can sting in the hearts of those who are sad at Christmas.

But we can bring hope and love to those who are struggling through the Christmas Season.  First we have to find them.   If we each keep our eyes and ears open and pray that God give us an opportunity to brighten someone’s heart this Christmas, we can make a difference.

A simple way to help, is to give financially to charities that deliver smiles every Christmas.   They are easy to find in our communities and even online.

But even better is a personal touch.  Visit a family in need just before Christmas with a large gift basket.   Or invite someone who is alone to your Christmas dinner.   Go Christmas carolling at a Senior’s home or hospital.   Dress up as Santa for kids at an orphanage.  The ideas are endless.  And the blessings for them, and even you, will go into eternity.

Christmas – good cheer and good will toward all men!

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