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Posted on June 1, 2019 at 1:10 AM

Doesn’t every pastor and elder want to know the secret to church growth?  Absolutely!

There are many good answers to this question.  But let’s only focus on the key steps.  Each of these are important but they are still not the #1 secret. I’ll save the best for last.

Here are 6 commonly agreed upon essential components for church growth:

       1. Follow God.  Always be praying and seeking His leading and calling for every decision.

       2. Delegate responsibilities.  Allow many people to be involved to use their gifts and talents in serving. Too often pastors try to do too much and this is unfortunately a recipe for failure.

       3. Set goals.  After all, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” right?  So, dream big, pray big and get everyone involved.

       4. Reach your community.  This is where one of those goals from #3 comes in.  Figure out what a need is in your community and make a plan to meet it.

       5. Focus on small groups.  This is where relationships are built and authentic community begins.  It starts with an interactive Bible study.  And time praying together.  Be willing to be vulnerable.  And socialize with each other too.  Also, serve together on a chosen small group project.  God intends for us to be a family and support each other on the journey of life but how can we if we barely know each other?

       6. Train leaders.  Let them come along beside the leadership and learn.  Then gradually give them their own responsibilities while continuing to mentor them.  Churches will not grow without many strong leaders to take on ministries and help accomplish goals.

So, what is the #1 secret to church growth?  These 6 steps are all important but there is one crucial ingredient for success… It’s God.  Only God. Always God… Don’t forget God!

Let me explain… Without the Holy Spirit moving in the church and in the daily lives of those who attend, there will be little church growth.  After all, the people are the church and the power is the Holy Spirit in the people.  Don’t get hung up on buildings or programs or strategies.  Get hung up on people.  That’s what Jesus cared about the most.

Make sure that the focus of your church is the spiritual growth of the people.  Implementing the 6 steps above will help them grow.  Solid Bible teaching that is engaging and relevant is of obvious importance.  But also, pray that the Holy Spirit is moving in hearts to stir people to action in ministry, in giving, in service, in fellowship.  Spiritual growth happens on the inside but is visible on the outside by the things people do and say.  Once believers are eagerly growing spiritually, the church will grow numerically!   Why?  Because Jesus shines in the lives of passionate Christians and the beauty of Jesus has a magnetic pull.

Churches grow when the people in the church are involved and passionate about all the things Jesus is passionate about.


Churches grow when the Holy Spirit is active and evident in the lives of God’s children!



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